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Stress Eating

10 November 2010

This blog entry never made it into my HerCampus Fitness Blog, so I thought I would post it here!

Oh, HerCampus.  I thought I had abandoned this perilous habit long ago.  Alas, I proved myself wrong yesterday afternoon.  Stress eating struck with a surprising ferocity in the midst of an attempt to write a last-minute paper.  I don’t remember exactly what I was thinking, but it was something along these lines: Raspberries.  Raspberries covered in buttery granola-y goodness.  Must consume now.

It was bad.

So after re-experiencing the most diet-destructive habit I had developed in high school, I’ve decided to share some tips to avoid the experience:

  1. Step away from the food. Repeat: step awayyyy from the food.  Put yourself in the quiet-as-hell periodicals room or take that 15-minute walk back to your dorm: if you can get your eyes off it, you can get your mind off it.
  2. Ask yourself: are you really hungry? The answer will almost invariably be no, or at least after you’ve consumed four bags of pretzels.
  3. It’s never too late to stop. Even if you’ve already shoveled down half a giant cookie, you have no obligation whatsoever to finish it.  Half a cookie is still better than a whole one, right?

The rest of the day didn’t go much better for me.  Because of my slip-up at lunchtime, I found myself working out vigorously in an attempt to save my figure instead to improve it.  And that’s no cycle you want to get into.

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  1. Sarah permalink
    10 November 2010 10:33 pm

    Oh, I have been there! You find yourself eating something and wonder “What am I DOING?!” Yeah, never a good thing. Thanks for sharing your tips!

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