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Hangover 101

18 November 2010

Ah, the hangover.  You go to bed already knowing what will greet you in the morning: lightheadedness, extreme thirst, and possibly nausea.  Not so fun.

Let me preface this entry by saying that I am not a regular drinker, but there are occasions when I find cause to pop open the margarita mix.  I do not endorse heavy drinking, but hey, sometimes it happens.

So what’s there to do to combat the unpleasant symptoms of a hangover?  I’m about to share my tried-and-true hangover cures just for you, dear readers.

The Night Before
There are two things that will help lessen the blow of tomorrow morning’s hangover.  (Well, there are three; the first is to not drink at all!)  If you’re already slung back a few bottles (or 1oz glasses) my best advice is to stay awake long enough to sober up (at least a little!).  I have found that my hangovers are either much lighter or nonexistent if I try to work off some of the alcohol before hitting the hay.

Take a shower before going to bed. Alcohol dehydrates like no other, so make up for the lack of water in your system by drinking as much as you possibly can (I normally take four or five cups of it) and showering.  Water will enter your body in a different way and promote even more hydration!

The Morning After

You will choose one out of two categories when you wake up in the morning; they are called I Can Get Out of Bed and Not Puke or I Will Die If I Do So Much As To Roll Over.  Fortunately, I’ve never experienced the second one, so I’ve got nothing on that.  But if you can get up and at ’em without too much trouble, I strongly recommend taking a brisk morning walk before anything else. It will refresh you and hopefully start your day off a little better than waking up at two in the afternoon.  You’ll practically feel new again!

Drink, drink, drink: water, that is.  As much as will fit into your stomach.  The more water you drink, the better your headache will get.  I promise.

On that note, eat breakfast. But don’t go to a diner and order plate of grease-laden fries or a cheeseburger (extra pickles, please).  The best things you can put into your system are electrolytes and potassium.  They restore some of the good sodiums into your blood so you won’t feel as lightheaded.  Bananas, yogurt, and raisins all contain high amounts of potassium and electrolytes.  Yummy!

After following my advice, you might feel like you never drank the night before – but here’s hoping you don’t forget.

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