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The holidays have nothing on me.

1 December 2010

First of all, I hope that your Thanksgiving was de-fucking-licious.  I know mine was.

But know what else I hope?  That you’re not feeling giant, gross, or gargantuan from all the food that’s been hangin’ around the house.  I sure haven’t.  The main way how I’ve managed to avoid all those negative feelings so far?  Daily runs.  For some strange reason, every time I get in an exercise slump, running outdoors always revives my enthusiasm.

Now that Thanksgiving is done and over with, the Holiday Season is upon us. It is a time that is notorious for derailing diet plans of even the best intentioned.

And you know what?  This year, I say No Thank You, holiday weight gain.  You are one tradition I will not be participate in.

I’m back at school for a few weeks, and I’m aiming to maintain my waistline while preparing for finals (eek!) and watching the mercury drop.  I’m making the commitment to exercise every day… in the morning.

Lately the freezing New England temperatures have been keeping me from making my daily 6:30am trek to the gym.  But in the name of a smaller pants size, I’m willing to face the elements… on a Razor Scooter.

I’m serious.

My living situation makes it difficult for me to eat a wheat and dairy-free diet, my usual go-to eating plan when I want to shape up quickly. (No wheat = no cake.  No cookies.  No dairy = no ice cream.  No frosting.  No excuses!)  The dining system at my college is unpredictable; it’s not easy to stroll into lunch and eat wheat and dairy-free (unless, of course, you want to eat plain lettuce).

So I’m going to generalize by pledging to avoid refined sugars. It’s definitely tough, but I’ve done it before (albeit briefly), and it works like a charm.  My energy levels skyrocket and the scale says nice things!

Here goes: my holiday goal is to exercise every day and avoid added sugars.  It’s not like I’ve never tried this before, but hey! The holidays revive me!

We all know it’s the time of the season when I buy new socks:

I just can’t help myself.

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