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My New Years Resolutions…

12 December 2010

start NOW.

Because who wants to begin something difficult in January?  I’m sorry, but I’ve already got enough post-holiday depression to deal with.

So I’m starting now.

First, I begin with the default resolution: tone it up. Every January I pledge to work off the fat on my thighs that used to be yummy holiday cookies.  But not this year!  College finals have already made me gain a few pounds (read: stress eating. I know, I know.), so I want to counteract further weight gain and continue to live to my full physical potential.  And then, of course, there’s the holidays themselves.  Who doesn’t love a daily mug of hot chocolate?  Nuff said.

While at school, I like to go to the gym, mostly because I haven’t found any great outdoor runs yet.  I like to alternate between strength training, yoga, and cardio machines.  A subgoal of my big goal is to get to the gym every morning before class. Even though it’s difficult to trudge across campus before the sun is out, it’s a good, solid start to the day.

At home, I don’t have access to a gym every day, so I have taken up outdoor running (which, in my opinion, is much more fun).  My subgoal for home is to run every day and increase my mileage – right now, I can do 4 miles easily.  I want to start doing more regular 5 or 6 milers.  It’s crazy but I love it!

I have realized that a big hurdle for me is to stop sending myself on a guilt-trip every time I eat something unhealthy.  It may not be the best idea in the world, but it’s not going to make me gain five pounds on the spot.  Yesterday, for example, I snacked like no other.  I wrote down everything I ate in my brand new food journal (!) and counted the calories at the end of the day: 2,000.  Factor in a strenuous A.M. 30-minute treadmill workout, and it wasn’t a total disaster.


Which brings me to Resolution #2.  I need to be more positive. I like to think that I have a pretty good outlook on things in my life, but sometimes it’s difficult to keep a perspective on something stupid, like a less-than-perfect-grade or a mean-spirited comment.

After some thought, I have realized that I don’t have a positive self-image.  On the outside, I think I’m cute, smart, and going places.  But sometimes the inside tells me that I’m just the opposite.  Coming to terms with something like this is more than difficult; I have to begin to respect myself. I think if I were to really believe that I’m worth the effort, other people might believe it too.

Resolution #3 is somewhat academic.  I did not take an English class this semester, and consequently I found myself craving a good read.

I did, however, study lots of classical music this fall – let’s just say that I am intimately acquainted with the works of a few lucky composers (I’m looking at you, Mr. Mendelssohn).  Although my first love is rock and roll, there is something in me that deeply appreciates classical music too.  I resolve to become an increasingly active member in the classical music world. I want to be able to have intelligent conversations about different pieces and recognize strings of melodies.  I want to listen to more operas, more symphonies, and certainly more Mendelssohn.

This fall the literary bug must have bitten me; I found myself craving books.  On top of acing my schoolwork (yay!), I made it through The Catcher in the Rye (I had never read it in high school and figured it was about time), The Bell Jar (written by an alumna of my very own school!), and Fahrenheit 451 (an old favorite).  Currently I am working my way through 1984, although progress isn’t exactly as speedy as I like.  Next up on the reading list is Crime & Punishment and perhaps a little Brave New World to spice things up.  It turns out I’m quite the fan of the dystopian novel!

I am beginning to find maturity as my natural desire to familiarize myself with art that has shaped societies since the days of yore increases.  Yay me!

So here I go.  Happy holiday season, everyone.


(mad photo cred to phpSQLiteCMS, The Jay Hawker, & NetCharles!)

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