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I don’t believe in cardio machines.

10 April 2011

So this past winter I took it upon myself to get into the best shape of my life.  While I’ve only shed a few pounds, I’ve gained lots of delicious muscle.  My biggest accomplishments have not been based on the scale, which I find… empowering.

Example A: Pushups used to scare me.  I could barely eek out ten in January.  On this lovely April morning, I did more than sixty in one session. Yay me!

I am a proud one-month old BodyRocker.  I found the site around Christmastime, but my holiday haze told me to ignore it.  When I found myself there again in March, I knew it was time to give it a try.  I mean, Zuzana’s incredible bod doesn’t lie.

Damn. Girl.

Her workouts are intense, muscle-building, calorie-torching… and short.  Since I’m an A.M. exercise kinda gal, the fact that I could get a total-body workout in twelve minutes was immeasurably appealing. I had begun to resent the dreadmill and the icey New England weather prevented me from running outside safely.

I knew something was up when, after one short week of BodyRock, I could fit into my eighth grade jeans.  EIGHTH GRADE.  Jeans happen to be the most stressful article of clothing I own by far – I can’t tell you how many nightmares I’ve had.  I tended to avoid them at all costs – until now.  Welcome to my first Non-Scale Victory.

I will never go back to doing “just cardio.”  In fact, I don’t believe in cardio machines anymore.  These workouts push me to my physical and mental limit. When I tell myself that I should do just one more set, I know I’m becoming stronger and more resilient.  To call coasting along on the elliptical while watching Keeping up with the Kardashians a legitimate workout… well, I just won’t waste my time.



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