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Why do I obsess over food?

10 May 2011

I read way too many food blogs for my sanity.  My idea of fun on a Friday night is to settle into bed at 8:30pm and read cookbooks.  I dream about making food (lately: stuffed bell peppers).

I could dismiss my fascination and simply label myself a foodie, but I don’t have enough experience.  Am I curious about all the different types of food?  Is it as simple as that?

Food has been and always will be a part of our lives, whether we want it to be or not.  Some people choose not to think too much about it, while others (like myself) seem enamored by the idea of setting a soufflé on the dinner table and recieving a bounty of admiration.

I desire to become a great cook.  (I know, I know.  How feminista of you, Elizabeth).  Creating incredible food is a skill that I can use throughout my life.  I can share it with others.  And I mean, if we’re going to eat, we might as well eat good food.  Right?

I have this notion that food can bring families, friends, and communities together.  I mean, if a banana cream pie can’t resolve a petty argument between neighbors, nothing will.

Another suspicion I have is that I am always considering health in my food choicesis this healthy?  Should I eat it?  I know I’m not alone when making these everyday desicions, but sometimes it seems as if the entire world is out to get me.  I feel as if I have to discover new and interesting things to eat because I’m pitted against all of the people who want to make me fat (aka big corporations that sell junk food).  Weird.

So what does it mean?  Should I simply allow myself to fall into the pit of food obsession?  Maybe I just have too much free time on my hands.


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