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(Not) Eating at college

14 May 2011

This past week I have found myself roaming around campus with too much to do and too little to eat (the ubiquitous problem of college students!).  In my world, official summer vacation started about two weeks ago, so I spent some time at home in sunny CT before heading back here for extracurricular obligations.

Last Wednesday, my a cappella group spent the day working hard in the recording studio and tonight we have three performances lined up for the graduation ceremonies.  While I’m here on official school business, my student ID card does not work for swiping into dining halls anymore.  I’ve been stressin’.  We all know how much I love my food.

Let’s just say I’ve been supplementing my daily pb & j’s with lots of frozen yogurt and chocolate.

A delicious tart froyo with fresh blueberries and honey

Although I love my group and my girlies, I can’t wait to be back home to get back on the partial-vegan train and, more importantly, off that pb & j. 

The Noteables impersonate Cher (I'm in the back!)

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