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Three square meals

17 May 2011

It’s 9pm. Dinner is finally on the table.  You’re not even hungry – you’ve already consumed an adequate amount of calories for the day using a hefty snack at 5pm.  Do you still eat?

One of my favorite meals last summer - vegan chickpea burgers with a strawberry spinach salad.

At college, I ate at 5:30 every night, so I was disconcerted to arrive at home for the summer and find dinner to be hours away at that time.  By the time dinner rolls around, I’ve snacked so much that I’m not hungry anymore, but I still feel the need to eat something to say I ate dinner.

I complain to my parents incessantly about eating late.  (I’m the nicest daughter one could ask for, I know.)  They just tell me to adjust my internal clock, to get used to eating late.  I easily counter their argument – I don’t like to go to bed on a full stomach, and studies have been done regarding mealtimes – the earlier the better.  It doesn’t help.

Do you subscribe to the idea of eating three square meals every day?  As weird as it is, I know that I simply can’t graze and call it dinner – it needs to be official.

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