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Going under the knife

18 May 2011

Monday evening, I went to a Democratic convention dinner in Hartford, CT and ate like a champion. Cranberry oatmeal bread, salad, buttery mashed potatoes, chicken alfredo, and my personal favorite: a chocolate mousse tier.  I may have gobbled it up before I was able to take a photo for y’all – but imagine this: chocolate mousse in a white chocolate cylindrical shell about three inches high topped with a coat of glossy, rich chocolate frosting.  Yummm.

Although my dinner was incredibly indulgent, I had no regrets.  I knew I would be facing nearly a week of liquids, mush, and mouth pain, thanks to the removal of my wisdom teeth the next morning.

I got to meet the governor of CT!

The rest of Monday, I slept and waited for the long-acting Novocain to wear off of my tongue, lips, and gum so I didn’t feel like a slack-jawed mumbling idiot.  That didn’t happen until about 9pm… nearly twelve hours after it was injected.  Dayum.

At the moment it’s 4:30am on Tuesday and it looks like all of those helpful little pills have worn off.  Pain never sleeps, I suppose.

Today I’m looking forward to more ice cream, applesauce, and perhaps some green juice.  (My parents thinks it’s really weird that I like to drink my spinach… is it so wrong?)

Oh well.  I guess I’ll just have to spend my days watching TV and researching recipes.  My current fixations?  Applesauce and ravioli – not together.  Although

I kid, I kid.

Sort of.

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