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How to be healthy in college (a list)

20 May 2011
Inspired by my recent jaunt back to college after a week of being home and making chocolate chip apricot scones, a broccoli garlic quiche, and a sinful grilled pb&j. Hm. How come the number on the scale was creeping up again?
  1. Walk everywhere – to class, to the bus stop, to the library.  When you’re bored, walk.
  2. Take advantage of the salad bars in the dining halls.
  3. Always, always keep busy.  Find things you love to do – other than eating, that is.
  4. You’re paying for a gym membership whether you use it or not – get the most out of your dollars by visiting frequently.
  5. Club sports, athletic teams, running trails.  Your gym probably offers free spinning, kickboxing, zumba, pilates, and/or yoga classes.
  6. All those damn stairs.
  7. Heavy backpacks with said damn stairs.
  8. Use your mini fridge to store fresh fruit and healthy snacks like hummus and yogurts.
  9. Eat out as little as possible – try to stick to 3 healthy meals+1 snack a day.
  10. Realize that you’re going to screw up every once in a while.  Accept it and move on.
  11. Practice yoga or exercise regularly for stress management.
  12. Short, intense workouts save time and get you fitter.
  13. Find pleasure in more mature evenings out instead of binge drinking on the weekends.  Faulkner, anyone?

Welcome to my healthy, happy, wholesome life.

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  1. 23 May 2011 5:34 am

    You guys really looks very happy: )Nice post thanks for sharing

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