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Things I’m loving this week

26 May 2011

1. Brazil nuts.  My M.D. told me I should be eating two every day because they have lots of selenium.

2. ABC’s Modern Family.  I got the complete first season at the library and my family likes to sit around after dinner and enjoy an episode or two.

3. Playing Pokemon Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Gold, Silver, and Crystal online.

4. The Barefoot Contessa.  But that’s nothing new.

5. Vinyasa and Anusara yoga.  Thanks to a fabulous deal from LivingSocial, I’ve begun to practice more regularly and am feeling the benefits (and the burn!).

6. Phish.  I’m beginning the summer touring season with two shows in Bethel, NY this weekend.

7. The plethora of tips/information/recipes available online for gluten-free and dairy-free life!  I definitely don’t feel alone.  (I especially dig GFreeTV!)

8. GuitarJosie. This 6th-grader has an incredible, soft, soulful voice.

9. Lady Gaga’s entire new album for $0.99 on Amazon the other day.  Even though it’s in mp3 format, I still dig.

10. Thirsty Thursday.  Consider this your official hydration nudge.

drink up!

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