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White chocolate cake pops

6 June 2011

The other day, I was comissioned to make a dessert for a party.

Living gluten and dairy-free, I decided to have some fun with my task.  If I wasn’t going to eat my creation, someone else has to… and it might as well be delicious, entertaining, and all-around adorable.

Enter: these cake pops.  They are essentially cake truffles – the interior is a mixture of cake and frosting and is topped with a shell of chocolate.  I first came across the idea of creating a cake truffle while browsing through the fabulous food blog How Sweet It Is.  I wanted to take the concept and make it party-friendly by adding sticks – thus, cake pops were born.

All of the online tutorials I sifted through used boxed cake and frosting, but that simply would not do.  I selected a recipe for a flourless chocolate cake from Eat, Live, Run for its gluten-free factor (obligatory taste tests, of course) and for its fudgy, dense texture and rich quality.

I combined the cake with a classic American buttercream (which was, unfortunately, not dairy-free – there was no way of getting around that one).  Then, after burning an entire bag of white chocolate chips beyond salvation, I dunked the pops in white chocolate and then had a little fun with toppings. I drizzled half of the pops with extra milk chocolate I had on hand, left a few of them plain, and dunked the rest in crushed walnuts.

These cake pops have healthy omega 3’s.  Totally cancels out all the butter, sugar, and chocolate, right?

I may have nibbled on a bit of one last night.  I may have done a happy yummy-food-in-my-belly dance.

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