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New Beginnings

29 September 2011

The Fall season means a lot of things: the beginning of the academic year, the beginning of beautiful red leaves, and the beginning of the consumption of pumpkin-flavored goodies.  The Fall is when things start up again after a long and lazy summer (or was that just me?).

Everything seems fresh.  The brand-new pages of a textbook (for us students) or a glossy, high-fashion magazine that divulges the latest way to wear earth colors (because isn’t that what the Fall is all about?).  The cool air makes my outdoor runs seem wonderful again, and those dredges through the stupefying summer heat are quickly forgotten. 

 I always find myself reflecting on past years during the fall months, too.  How was I feeling last fall?  What was I up to?  For some reason, it seems to be the perfect time to make comparisons because everything always lines up: there are birthdays and many other holidays that help measure the time.  I like to compare how much I’ve grown within the time that has elapsed.  I can remember with precision the first time I moved away from home for school, and how nervous and homesick I was.  I can remember all of the field hockey games I played in high school and the great reunion of my hometown friends last Thanksgiving.  It’s the weather that always seems to bring about these memories.

And there’s always the comforting staples that a crisp fall day brings.  Football games, hot mugs of tea, brightly-colored scarves, and classic novels say Fall to me more than anything else.

It’s a time for us to settle down and reconnect, but with a renewed enthusiasm.  What are your thoughts on the fall?  Do you love it, or are you sad to see the summer go?

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